Leadership quality for furniture


Quality Management

The REME quality management is an important and essential constituent of the corporate philosophy. Through continuous improvements the quality standards are constantly being raised.


Innovations - Made in Germany -

The maximum performance in development, economy and quality "Made in Germany" is our driving force. REME associated both with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and also for innovations which aligned toward the individual needs and requirements of our customers and their final customers.


Quality assurance

REME places also great importance on the manufacturing quality. Runners, tools and facilities are subject to strict internal inspection specifications through regular controls in order to ensure the quality. In addition quality assurance measures are being continuously extended in order to secure the high quality standard.


Test procedures

Our runners are subjected in proper test devices to comprehensive endurance tests. Beyond that REME is cooperating with external testing institutes in order to fulfill also their standards and requirements in equal measure. Moreover we are subjected to regular internal audits which optimizing the internal processes constantly.



Our employees are the most valuable support of our company. Their skills, will, commitment and personal condition deciding on the achieving of our targets. Besides their keen quality mentality their behavior in the daily work is characterized by high reliability, flexibility, creativity and the willingness for continuing educations.



In respect of environmental, occupational safety and health protection it appears increasingly by taking into account economic and environmental qualities to strive on sustainable products. Our production is designed for energy efficiency, resource conservation and climate protection. All REME employees are obliged to observe the requirements of the legal guidelines in order to ensure the welfare of our customers and business partners, our employees and the environment.